Integrated Mosquito Management
Why is Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) the Right Approach?

Mosquitoes are more than just nuisance pests. They pose a significant risk to public health by carrying and transmitting a number of debilitating and even deadly diseases such as West Nile virus, dengue, and Zika virus. And with a threat this serious, it is vital to take a proactive approach to preventing and controlling vector-borne diseases in your community.


A 4-Pronged Approach to Target All Phases of the Mosquito's Life Cycle

VDCI is the industry expert in Integrated Mosquito Management programs. These programs include public education, surveillance, disease testing, and a variety of control measures, all of which are essential to managing mosquitoes and helping to prevent the transmission of serious diseases.


1:  Public Education

Understanding how to properly eliminate mosquito breeding habitat and take personal protective measures is critical. Educating the public empowers people to take control of the mosquitoes breeding in their community


2:  Surveillance
In order to understand the risk and address the threat appropriately, it is critical to determine the mosquito distribution, density and species composition throughout the target area. Surveillance will provide direct evidence of an increased transmission risk of vector-borne diseases.

3:  Larval Mosquito Control

Eliminating mosquitoes prior to them becoming adults is an important element of controlling mosquito-borne diseases because it stops mosquitoes before they acquire the virus and have the opportunity to transmit it to people. 


4:  Adult Mosquito Control
When necessary, adulticide applications are safely conducted with EPA-approved pesticides. These applications are based on surveillance and designed to target nuisance or disease-vectoring mosquitoes. We regularly test mosquitoes and take appropriate measures to prevent them from developing resistance.

Industry Leading Mosquito Management Services

VDCI is a mosquito control services company. Mosquito control is all we do. We do not sell products or equipment. We professionally execute the services that are needed to protect public health and improve the quality of life for communities and the people we serve. We do this by controlling mosquito populations in the most cost effective, scientific, and environmentally responsible ways available.


Data Collection, GIS Mapping, and Reporting

GPS_Mapping_web.jpgA keystone of the Integrated Mosquito Management approach is managing data. Every activity that is performed at VDCI is entered into our proprietary database for analysis and reporting. We use GPS equipment and technology in combination with our GIS department to put all our data into maps and reports. These reports are used both for our internal analysis and our presentation to customers and citizens within the boundaries that we serve.

Ground Services for Mosquito Control
Surveillance_Larval_Dippingweb-1.jpgMosquito control begins with surveillance, which helps us understand population dynamics and species distribution. When mosquito larvae are detected in an area, we use environmentally sound biological products, when possible, to eliminate the problem. And when necessary, non-biological control methods are utilized. Once it has been determined that mosquito populations have reached unacceptable levels, or the risk of mosquito-borne illness has become imminent, adulticides are carefully applied in the safest and most environmentally friendly way possible. Our advanced spray technology ensures the proper droplet size and accurate pesticide placement


Aerial Services for Mosquito Control
VDCI_Airplane_Aerial_View.jpgVDCI has the largest fleet of aircraft in the world specifically dedicated to mosquito control. Aerial applications may be the only way to break the mosquito breeding cycle in emergency situations or when mosquito populations are abnormally high. All of our aircraft are equipped with the Wingman® GX spray optimization software and the AIMMS-20 onboard meteorological probe, the most advanced system designed specifically for mosquito control.


Why are VDCI's IMM Programs the Right Approach?

Surveillance, source reduction, public education, habitat manipulation, larviciding, and adulticiding are all important components of an Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) program.

  • Our surveillance provides you with valuable data that is captured and analyzed in our proprietary database.

  • Our data helps you make better decisions, which lead to better results.

  • Our commitment to educate the public and only take action when nuisance or disease risk is high is more environmentally friendly.

  • Our targeted action reduces the risk of developing pesticide resistance.



VDCI is a company built on the foundations of public health, ethics, professionalism, and technical expertise. We establish vector management programs that are based on an understanding of the underlying vector's ecology and rooted in the current science of environmentally sound control measures. 

We are committed to protecting public health through excellence in vector control. Start your IMM program with us today!


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