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Add Aerial Application Services to Your Existing Mosquito Management Program

Add Aerial Application Services to Your Existing Mosquito Management Program

Mosquitoes are most effectively managed when a multitude of professional solutions and innovations are utilized to target the species. Personal protection efforts, public education, mosquito habitat reduction, and ground-based activities are highly impactful in the battle against mosquitoes. Over the last 20+ years, VDCI has helped reinforce these strategies by taking management to the skies. 

VDCI is a leading operator of advanced aerial fleets for adult and larval mosquito control around the country. Aerial applications of EPA-registered insecticides can provide more thorough protection across states, counties, and municipalities, particularly when the risk of vector-borne disease transmission is elevated. 

How can the public benefit from aerial mosquito control?

During warmer months, mosquitoes can be found nearly everywhere in our communities. And because they are capable of traveling many miles for a blood meal, it’s also beneficial to target mosquitoes where they thrive, such as swamps, wetlands, and thickets. Unfortunately, these areas can be hard to reach, environmentally protected, or dangerous for ground crews to navigate. 

Aerial product applications may be the only way to interrupt the mosquito breeding cycle in remote locations where populations are abnormally high or when roads and natural areas are inaccessible due to flooding, compromised infrastructure, or road closures. When conducted from above, monitoring and applications are typically more comprehensive, faster, and safer; ground crews in one Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) spray truck can treat approximately 1,000 acres per load – or potentially less following weather emergencies – while a single aircraft can treat 10,250 acres per load.

outside vdci aerial hanger - aerial mosquito control

VDCI Aerial Advantage

When designing a management approach, professionals take into account many factors beyond the size and type of area being treated. The process begins with surveillance of the local mosquito species and their populations, patterns, peak activity, and susceptibility to certain types of management styles. VDCI supports the best practices of mosquito abatement districts by helping target mosquitoes at every phase of their lifecycle. This means using specified adulticide and larvicide applications at distinct rates and times of year and with the equipment that’s best suited for the job. 

VDCI is the only company nationwide that operates a diverse, in-house fleet of drones and aircraft that are exclusively dedicated to mosquito control:

Fixed-wing aircraft:​

Aerial Spraying Malcom 9
  • Capable of treating up to 50,000 acres per aircraft, per night
  • Integrated systems ensure uniform spray cloud density
  • Swift emergency response tool following hurricanes or severe flood events

Professional drone technology:​

  • Capable of applying up to 200 acres of product per session
  • Pre-programmed flight routes with superior GPS navigation 
  • Highly maneuverable and unobtrusive in residential areas

VDCI’s advanced aerial equipment is operated exclusively by licensed aerial pesticide applicators who are authorized through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). All professionals specialize in maintenance procedures, airspace regulations, and coordination with local aviation agencies. Together, these professionals boast a combined 50,000+ hours of experience.

We Are Here For Your Every Need

Whether you are experiencing routine mosquito problems or an unforeseen circumstance, VDCI’s vector control scientists are well equipped to safely mitigate the challenges in your area. Our expertise, technology, and reporting capabilities are an asset to any program in need of aerial application services. Contact us below to learn how we can support your mosquito management program.