Public Education and Government Coordination

Public Education

Public relations and education are an important part of VDCI’s community involvement. We have a program suited for civic groups, church groups, school groups, and government organizations. An educated public is extremely important to the successful implementation of any mosquito control program.

VDCI often assists in the development of WNV public education campaigns and has utilized every available media outlet in order to promote mosquito control and inform the public of the details of our Mosquito Abatement Programs.

Additionally, brochures and fact sheets are available that detail productive efforts in which individuals may engage in order to limit mosquito production areas within their immediate surroundings.

Government Coordination

Within a municipality, mosquito control responsibilities may cross between administration, the department of health, public works, and emergency management.  At the state level this can also involve fish and wildlife, agriculture administration, health and emergency services.

It is important when doing effective mosquito control to coordinate the activities and interests of all these organizations. In this regard, VDCI has more experience than any other vector control company. We always coordinate effectively with these individuals and departments when providing mosquito abatement services.