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For Vector-Borne Disease Prevention and Control in Your Community

Federal, state, and other government agencies throughout the U.S. award municipal or county entities with grants and other funding to assist with the prevention of vector-borne diseases. Finding, applying-for, and obtaining funding for vector prevention and control, can be a difficult and complicated process. And, often times, a detailed yet concise description of the vector prevention or control program that will be implemented is required at the time funds are requested.

Funding can be used for…

Prevention and Education  


Surveillance and Testing
Vector Population Control

Identifying Vector Control Grants and Submitting Your Request


Contacting Public Health Agencies and Public Health Officials in your state can be a great resources for discovering a vector control grant. Once you’ve located an opportunity to secure funding, the experts at VDCI are experienced to assist in writing grants or other requests that will have a high level of success for securing the funds necessary to help protect your community – residents, business owners, and visitors. Furthermore, we can help you develop a mosquito management program that focuses on the local population of mosquitoes and the unique needs of your community.

We’re here to help you prevent and control vector-borne diseases in your community.


When your grant or funding opportunity surfaces,
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