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Your Guide to Educating Community Members About Mosquitoes

Government leaders work hard to keep their communities safe. Mosquito management is an important part of these efforts. The threat of West Nile, Dengue, EEE and other mosquito-borne diseases can
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Surveillance and disease testing mosquito management

3 Mosquito Surveillance Techniques Professionals Utilize

Government leaders work hard to maintain health, happiness, and quality of life in their communities. But mosquitoes are an often overlooked threat that can quickly dismantle public well-being – seemingly
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2022 Mosquito-Borne Disease Year In Review

2022 Mosquito-Borne Disease: Year In Review With COVID-19, an ongoing “tripledemic” of multiple respiratory diseases, the economy, and politics dominating the headlines in 2022, vector-borne diseases didn’t get much attention
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Where Do Mosquitoes Go in the Winter?

As the seasons change, so do activity levels of bugs and insects. Summer tends to mark the peak of activity for many species, particularly mosquitoes whose irritating bites can detract
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Heartworm Prevention and Dogs

Are Mosquitoes Harmful to Dogs and Horses? Yes! Here’s How You Can Protect Them…

Most of us know the dangers mosquitoes pose to humans across the globe, but it’s easy to forget about the toll vector-borne diseases can take on pets, particularly dogs and
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Eastern Small Footed Bat

Debunking Myths: Bats for Effective Mosquito Control

Debunking Myths: Bats for Effective Mosquito Control Written by: Michael “Doc” Weissmann, Ph.D., VDCI Entomologist Co-Written by: Dr. Louise Lynch-O’Brien of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln Though mosquitoes are
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