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Vector Disease Control International: Mosquito Control Services for Government and Military

Mosquito Control for Government and Military

Protecting Public Health with Community Partnerships Across the United States

With a promise to improve the quality of human life through the control of mosquitoes and other disease vectors, our treatments are designed with the safety of your colleagues and customers in mind to maximize public well-being while minimizing risk to all life forms except the targeted vectors. 

When it comes to mosquito management, VDCI offers so much more than your typical outdoor pest control treatment company. At VDCI, we take a proactive, holistic, and scientific approach to controlling nuisance mosquito populations and help ensure your colleagues and customers are safe from disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Our Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) program includes public education, surveillance, disease testing, data collection and reporting, as well as ground and/or aerial applications.

surveillance and disease testing - lab testing - mosquito control - vdci - vector management - markets servedSurveillance and Disease Testing

By monitoring your local mosquito population, we can determine if there is increased disease activity and the level of risk your workers are facing. Learn more . . .

data collecting and reporting vdci markets servedData Collection and Reporting

Every activity performed by VDCI is entered into our proprietary database for analysis and reporting. Customers are provided with activity reports regularly, depending on their needs. This can be daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. This data helps us optimize our application programs to ensure we are treating them appropriately. Learn more . . .

ground application - mosquito control - vdci - vector management - markets servedGround Applications

When mosquito larvae are detected in an area, we use environmentally sound biological products, when possible, to eliminate the problem. And when necessary, non-biological control methods are utilized. Once it has been determined that mosquito populations have reached unacceptable levels or the risk of mosquito-borne illness has become imminent, adulticides are carefully applied in the safest and most environmentally friendly way possible. Our trained applicators use only EPA-approved products and the safest control practices in accordance with national mosquito control standards to control mosquitoes in your workplace. Our advanced spray technology ensures the proper droplet size and accurate pesticide placement. Learn more . . .

VDCI is ready to assist in cases of natural disaster and mosquito and tick infestation by providing ongoing monitoring and treatment to prevent vector-borne diseases.

We can help keep your facility safe and free of these nuisance pests so that your colleagues can have peace of mind while working on site. Take steps towards ensuring a safe business environment by contacting our mosquito experts or call us at 800.413.4445.