post hurricane destruction of lake 2 - emergency response

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Does your community have a contingency plan in place?

Preparing for a natural disaster or disease outbreak should be a part of every community’s plan to protect public health. Preparation allows you to create a management plan that considers all stakeholders.

Vector Disease Control International (VDCI) has over 20 years of experience conducting emergency response mosquito control missions on the ground and in the air across the country and abroad.

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Examples of Response Missions

  • 2020: Hurricane Delta – Louisiana
  • 2020: Hurricane Laura – Louisiana and Texas
  • 2019: Midwest Flooding – Kansas
  • 2018: Hurricane Florence – North Carolina
  • 2018: Hurricane Michael – Florida
  • 2018: Great June Flood – Texas
  • 2017: Hurricane Harvey – Texas and Louisiana
  • 2017: Hurricane Irma – Florida
  • 2016: Zika Response– U.S. and U.S. Territories
  • 1999 – 2019: Responding to West Nile Virus Activity – Nationwide

post hurricane destruction of lake 2 - emergency response

Our history in emergency response mosquito management started with Hurricane Bonnie in 1998.

Our team can help your community create an emergency response contingency plan for mosquito control efforts after a hurricane, major flood event, or increased disease activity. The VDCI team will be able to walk you through every step of a responsible mosquito control plan. This preparation will provide more time for your community to focus on the unexpected and natural results of a disaster that cannot be planned for in advance. Our team can assist with local, state, and government coordination as well as assist with other challenging aspects of emergency response mosquito control – such as navigating FEMA funding or preparing for community and media questions.

Our experienced emergency response team is able to support a community’s goal to reduce mosquito populations and bring much-needed relief to a displaced public and relief workers.

In 2016, VDCI was contracted to support the CDC’s public health efforts to defend the population in several U.S. territories against the threat of Zika. The spotlight on Zika virus acted as the catalyst for a greater understanding of mosquitoes and the diseases they can transmit. Visit the Vector-Borne Diseases section of the VDCI website to learn about the origins, symptoms, and vectors of several mosquito-borne diseases.

If your community does not have an emergency response contingency plan in place for mosquito control, contact us to learn more about how we can help you prepare for the unexpected.