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Commercial Properties and Outdoor Employees: 4 Mosquito Management Tips

Create Safe, Mosquito-Free Spaces

Commercial properties have many facilities that feed, power, and clothe the world. Often these locations are operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and can present employees with challenging working conditions indoors and outdoors. Mosquitoes do not have to be one of the daily challenges on commercial properties. By taking a few simple steps, employers can reduce concern for these pests both as a nuisance and their potential to spread vector-borne diseases.

1. Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes can breed in the smallest amounts of water, and it does not take much time for an adequate larval habitat to produce the next generation of mosquitoes. To help reduce the chances of mosquitoes breeding on your property, look around for items that can hold water. Tire piles, culverts, ditches or rain gutters that may not drain properly, and low areas in grassy locations are just a few examples of where you may consider checking. If they can be emptied or removed, this is the best way to ensure they do not produce mosquitoes. While ditches may need to be dug out, or a gutter may need to be cleaned, this small amount of effort can go a long way to combat your existing or potential mosquito problem. In some instances, where the water source cannot be removed, it may be beneficial to investigate biological control agents or apply larvicides.

2. Barrier Treatments

Most mosquitoes prefer to rest during the day and come out at dusk in search of a blood meal. They find out-of-the-way places such as storm drains, shrubs, or under walkways and awnings to avoid the elements while they wait for the perfect time to attack! Several of these areas can be ideal to consider a residual pesticide to kill any mosquitoes that utilize the locations to hide on your property. You can apply a treatment with a simple pump sprayer, or, for bigger areas, you may need a powered backpack or truck-mounted sprayer. Most of the time, if the product is applied in a location that does not receive direct sunlight or have an opportunity to be washed away by rain, the treatment can provide your property with a few weeks of control.

3. Personal Repellant

Public Education in Reducing Mosquito Populations 2 bugspray mosquito prevention health and safetyIf you have employees that work outdoors at dusk or dawn, you may have thought about which mosquito repellents are best at protecting your team from this nuisance and potentially disease-carrying pest. DEET, Picaridin, and IR3535 are all approved repellants and come in a variety of forms. You can distribute single-use repellent wipes to carry around a job site or offer spray cans. Be sure to check the chosen product’s label for the concentration of the active ingredient. Providing your employees with education on the product, instructions for application, and expected time frame of protection will ensure maximum efficacy.


4. Adult Mosquito Control

Even with all of the above efforts, you may still see some mosquitoes flying on your property. ULV fogging may be necessary to kill mosquito species that are active while your employees are working. If portions of your property are located in hard to reach places, several handheld sprayers can provide an option for crews to complete applications on foot and have a few set flow rates to make the application process easy. Remember to take care applying pesticides around working employees, and always read the product label and associated labeling prior to use. Additionally, be sure to research if the selected pesticide requires an applicator’s license.

VDCI is committed to public education and spreading awareness throughout the U.S. about the dangers of mosquito-borne diseases and their preventability, with the overarching goal of reducing illness and fatality statistics. Our dedicated and experienced team works tirelessly to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases in all of the contracts we service. If you would like more information about any aspect of an Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) program, including mosquito surveillance, disease testing, or adult control, please contact Vector Disease Control International (VDCI), and we will help you get started immediately.

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