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Colorado: Adult Mosquito Control Spray Schedules

Weather Permitting, Spraying Will Occur Between Sunset and Sunrise

blue_pen_on_spreadsheet As West Nile virus (WNV) has become established across the U.S., and other mosquito-borne diseases continue to surface, there is an increasing need for proactive control of the mosquitoes that transmit these diseases to humans, birds, horses, and other animals. Our team focuses on unique and innovative ways to protect public health from mosquito-borne diseases, while preserving the environment, and minimizing program costs. Adult mosquito control spraying is only conducted when necessary and after designated thresholds are met. When the need for adult mosquito control occurs, all the products utilized by our team are EPA and Colorado state approved for public health applications. Spray events may be cancelled or postponed, all or in part, without notice. Notice of rescheduled spray events will be posted on VDCI’s spray schedule.

SCROLL BELOW to view if an adult mosquito control application has been scheduled for your community.
Spray schedules are displayed by county.


VDCI is a company built on the foundations of public health, ethics, professionalism, and technical expertise. We establish vector management programs that are based on an understanding of the underlying vector’s ecology and rooted in the current science of environmentally sound control measures. To learn more about VDCI services, gain greater insight on the various mosquito species as well as the potential diseases they vector, please subscribe to our blog.

We are committed to protecting public health through excellence in vector management and we are proud to serve your community!