Our History


The company started with a simple idea.

Partner with municipalities and provide services needed to run effective mosquito control programs that protect public health of local communities

Founded in 1992 with a single contract in central Arkansas - VDCI has grown to have operations in over 20 states and serving customers from coast to coast and abroad. We support commercial programs as well as operate surveillance and full-service control programs on the municipal, county, and state level. Additionally, with our fleet of over 200 trucks and 12 aircraft, we are able to provide both aerial and ground operations for seasonal needs or emergency response situations.


Many of our mosquito management professionals come from the field of Public Health and have directed mosquito control districts all over the country, from Oregon to New York. At all times, we will conduct business through partnerships with our customers in a manner that protects the environment and the welfare of local residents. 

As we look towards the future, VDCI maintains our sense of commitment and will strive to continue to provide the most efficacious and scientifically sound mosquito surveillance and control programs possible within each community that we service.

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