The Mosquito Control Services Journey

A Strong History. A Stronger Future.


Mosquito Control Services, LLC (MCS) was founded in 1985 with the simple philosophy of reducing pest and disease-carrying mosquitoes in a cost-effective, environmentally safe manner. Since then, we’ve grown to become the Gulf South’s leader in Integrated Mosquito Management, including comprehensive community programs involving education, surveillance, and disease testing as well as abatement

At MCS, we have always strived for excellence. In 2018, Mosquito Control Services, LLC (MCS) merged with Vector Disease Control International (VDCI), another industry leader in scientifically-based mosquito control programs. With common missions and goals, joining together under one unified brand was the next logical step… and so it is with great excitement that we introduce you to VDCI.

Though our name has changed, our leadership team and staff throughout the Gulf South remain the same. As always, we are committed to mosquito management and protecting the public from vector-borne disease. We are excited to continue our journey into 2021 and beyond as VDCI!

As always, our team is available to share our knowledge and expertise. In addition, we offer you access to our Resource Center and blog, which are filled with content designed to educate and support our clients and the communities we serve.

To learn how our team can support an existing mosquito management program, help you develop a custom program, or to submit a service request for those currently partnering with VDCI, please Contact Us.

With our unmatched expertise and reputation in the industry, our team is able to leverage the best equipment, technologies, and products in the industry, allowing you to benefit from our growth. We very much look forward to the journey ahead and thank all of our clients and others who have been so instrumental in our success.


Steven Pavlovich


Director of Field Operations


Vector Disease Control International (VDCI)

Formerly Mosquito Control Services, LLC