Vector Disease Control International (VDCI): A Green Foundation

VDCI is committed to making mosquito control as environmentally friendly as possible. VDCI was founded on the idea that mosquito control could be effectively accomplished utilizing scientifically and environmentally sound products and strategies. From day one VDCI has specialized in full-service Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) programs designed to protect public health by controlling nuisance and disease vector mosquitoes, while also preserving our environment. That is our history and that will continue to be our future.

Larval Control and Least Toxic Products

In the late 1970s, the discovery and development of Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis var. israeliensis), a naturally occurring soil bacteria which happened to be toxic to mosquito larvae, changed the way mosquito control was conducted. Bti specifically targets larval mosquitoes in the water, before they are flying, biting adults. It affects very few other aquatic organisms and it has become our most used larvicide product. Additionally, over the past four decades other exciting and environmentally sound products have been discovered and developed. Products such as Bacillus sphaericus and methoprene, which provide residual larval control, are now used strategically in our programs, thus reducing the frequency of site visits which saves gas, driving miles and potential physical impacts on our wetlands.

Fleet, Equipment, and Scheduling

To further cut our carbon footprint VDCI uses a fleet of small fuel-efficient vehicles in many of our mosquito trap surveillance programs where many miles are driven to set and collect trap samples. In addition, many of our programs have adopted a rotating schedule of four ten hour days to further reduce the amount of driving being done by our employees to and from work, and also by our fleet vehicles to and from the field. In addition, we now use “teams” that travel in a single fleet vehicle together to routes that have closely connected sites. This has led to invaluable savings in fuel and miles spent driving on our roads.

When adult mosquito control becomes necessary, digitally flow-controlled equipment is used to accurately apply least-toxic products precisely when and where they are needed for optimum efficiency while spending less time in low or idling speeds.

The Bottom Line

No company or individual can exist without having some impact on the environment, whether from the perspective of resource utilization or the generation of waste. VDCI makes a conscious effort to minimize our impact with educated considerations, decisions, and actions. We believe that protecting the environment while we protect people from mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases is the bottom line. Modern mosquito control can have a low environmental impact and be scientific, sustainable, and effective. Our educated personnel and conscientious decision-making ensure that our Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) programs use cultural, physical, biological, and least-toxic products and strategies to ensure we minimize our environmental impact. This philosophy will always guide our actions and VDCI will continue to research and utilize the most environmentally sound mosquito control resources.