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Our Technology Is Making A Difference In Communities Around the World

As municipalities and mosquito abatement districts gain a better understanding of the specific disease risks in their communities, our team continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology. VDCI employs a wide array of technology, ranging from advanced software systems to start-of-the-art application equipment, to provide you with the most comprehensive mosquito and tick management services possible.

Using Technology on the Ground to Protect Public Health

Our team of experts combines forces to offer you the most in-depth and personalized integrated management program. We utilize industry-leading solutions to meet and exceed your needs, including:

Real Time Mapping
Each application requires our team’s careful understanding of a community’s needs. A real time mapping system is located in the cab of every truck to ensure route accuracy and safety.

Variable Flow Control and DropVision
To have the most impact to mosquitoes and ensure regulatory compliance, it is critical to apply the right amount of product with the right distribution of droplet size. VDCI uses sprayers that adjust the amount of product they put out based on the speed of the vehicle. Droplet size has to be exact, or the product will not have an impact to the mosquitoes. VDCI tests its droplet size and distribution using the DropVision software system, which measures the droplet sizes coming from the application equipment. Both pieces of technology ensure that we are always applying the desired amount of product to maximize control, while avoiding non-target organisms.

A Proprietary Database
Our proprietary database houses all relevant information, ranging from our surveillance efforts to each individual application. All surveillance data, including disease testing results, are entered into the database. In addition, at the completion of each spray mission, data is down-loaded and stored in the database. Reports are generated to provide our customers with surveillance information and a graphical depiction of the spray mission, along with the vital statistics of each spray.

Using Technology in the Air to Protect Public Health

Aerial applications may be the only way to break the mosquito breeding cycle when mosquito populations are abnormally high, when areas are difficult to reach or too large to treat, or when there is an enhanced risk of disease transmission. Having the ability to utilize aircraft can be an effective complement, and in many cases a budget-saving tool, to your ground-based activities. VDCI is able to provide leading aerial application services by utilizing the following:

Twin Engine Airplanes
Our twin engine airplanes have the ability to fly over congested areas when necessary and, because we do not have to rely on third party subcontractors, you can rest assured that we will be there when you need us.

Wingman® GX
All of our aircraft are equipped with the Wingman® GX spray optimization and GPS guidance software that was designed specifically for mosquito control applications. This system enhances safety and effectiveness of each application.

AIMMS-20 Meteorological Probe
Weather conditions can affect the shape and direction of the spray cloud. The AIMMS-20 Meteorological Probe is the only scientifically validated system available that incorporates constant real-time meteorological data at the release height to optimize the entire application. This optimization ensures that the product is delivered to the target areas, thus providing you the maximum level of effectiveness for mosquito control.

ANVIS-6 Night Vision Goggles
Did you know that most adult mosquito control applications have the greatest level of effectiveness when performed at 300ft altitude during the evening? Our flight crews are trained and equipped with military grade ANVIS -6 night vision goggles on all night time spray missions.