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Vector Disease Control International Research and Resources

VDCI Research and Resources

Mosquito Control and Surveillance Informative Guides

Mosquito AbatementFEMA Funded Post-Storm Mosquito Abatement

In this informative, the VDCI experts explain the need to be proactive with mosquito abatement so funding can be accessed and utilized when disaster strikes.


Zika Response ProtocolZika Response Protocol

Our experts outline the basic components that are integral to any comprehensive Zika response. Learn how residents and local municipalities can be proactive and respond quickly to control mosquitoes that could potentially be carrying the Zika virus in this informative guide.


VDCI_Mosquito_Mgmt_White_Paper - 6 questions when implementing an intergrated mosquito management plan_Page_01

6 Must-Ask Questions When Implementing an Integrated Mosquito Management Program in Your Community

An Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) plan is the most effective solution for mosquito problems. IMM programs leverage advanced surveillance, identification, testing, and product applications to eliminate tick and mosquito populations to prevent further spread.


Access lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations in our teacher’s portal. These free resources are designed to teach elementary-aged students about the mosquito life cycle and the science behind mosquito dependence on stagnant water bodies for survival.