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Ridgeland, Mississippi Customers

Protecting Public Health In Your Community

VDCI’s Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) programs focus on surveillance-based control strategies, public awareness, and the use adulticide applications only when mosquito population levels or the threat of disease deems necessary. The VDCI team includes entomologists, mosquito control specialists, certified pesticide applicators, wetland scientists, and GIS specialists to meet all of your program needs.

At VDCI, we believe everyone deserves peace of mind while enjoying the outdoors.

In order to provide the best customer service possible, the below features are available to our Ridgeland, Mississippi customers. For additional questions or comments, not covered below, please contact Scott Williams at to help our team service your request as soon as possible.

Adult Mosquito Trap Data

Mosquito Surveillance Maps and Disease Testing Data in Your Community

larval-surveillance-local-watersourceMosquitoes are more than just nuisance pests, they also pose a significant risk to public health by carrying and transmitting a number of debilitating and even deadly diseases. Mosquito-borne diseases in the U.S. are prevalent in several forms and are geographically wide-spread. For residents in Mississippi, West Nile virus (WNV) is of greatest concern, but mosquito species known to transmit Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), St. Louis encephalitis virus (SLEV) and La Crosse virus are also found in this region. A growing concern for Mississippi pet owners is dog heartworm, which can be fatal to both dogs and cats. Conducting regular adult mosquito surveillance and disease testing is a proactive approach to preventing and controlling vector-borne diseases in your community, and it is one of the foundations of VDCI’s Integrated Mosquito Management programs.

View Ridgeland, MS Mosquito Trap Data and Spray Zones


Adult Mosquito Control Spray Schedules

Spraying Will Occur Between Dusk and Dawn, Weather Permitting

blue_pen_on_spreadsheet As West Nile virus has become established across the U.S., and other mosquito-borne diseases continue to surface, there is an increasing need for proactive control of the mosquitoes that transmit these diseases to humans, birds, horses, and other animals. Our team focuses on unique and innovative ways to protect public health from mosquito-borne diseases, while preserving the environment, and minimizing program costs. Adult mosquito control spraying is only conducted when necessary and after designated thresholds are met. When the need for adult mosquito control occurs, all the products utilized by our team are EPA-registered for public health applications.

Spray Schedules for Ridgeland, MS are listed below:


Spray Zone Maps

Targeted Mosquito Control Efforts in Your Community

map_colorado_with_pinsThrough the use of modern technology, equipment and insecticides, effective control of adult mosquitoes is possible. Ultra-low volume (ULV) spray technology is the key to this success, whereby an extremely small amount of insecticide is applied over a very large area, thus controlling adult mosquitoes while not adversely affecting local residents, wildlife, or the environment. With accurate timing and precise application, a kill rate of over 90% of the adult mosquito population within the target area can be achieved. A truck or ATV-mounted ULV spray machine is used to produce extremely small (< 20 micron diameter) droplets of the chosen insecticide, which is dispersed within the target area. In order to maximize the effectiveness on adult mosquitoes, while minimizing exposure to non-target species, applications are timed to coincide with the non-activity period of beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies, and with the peak activity period of mosquitoes, which is from dusk through the early morning hour.

View Ridgeland, MS Mosquito Trap Data and Spray Zones


Spray and Shut-Off Requests

stairs_front_doorTo request adult mosquito control spraying around your residence, or to request that our team shut-off our spray machine while passing your residence, submit a service request. Please note that a shut-off does not guarantee that drift of insecticide material will not occur and it may decrease the effectiveness of adulticiding on mosquitoes in your immediate area. Please be aware that the call shut-off list is a service that VDCI provides to residents and may not be possible in the case of a public health emergency.


Putting pesticide residues in perspective

There are a lot of misconceptions about the amount of pesticides that are used in the environment. Pesticides are usually applied at an application rate of 1 pound per acre or some fraction of a pound per acre which would mean that one teaspoon of sugar spread evenly over 5,000 5-inch cereal bowls is an application rate of 1 pound per acre. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) products are widely utilized in many mosquito abatement programs across the country because of their efficacy and minimal environmental impacts. VDCI carefully selects these products with the goal of protecting both people and the natural environment while economically reducing nuisance and disease-vector mosquitoes to tolerable levels.


What you need to know about truck spraying

VDCI utilizes surveillance to track mosquito populations to learn where viruses, like Zika or West Nile, may be present or spreading in a community. Spraying insecticides from a truck is an important component of an Integrated Mosquito Management program used to control mosquitoes, especially when mosquito levels reach dangerous thresholds or disease is identified in a given area. VDCI uses only EPA-registered products and relies on data to ensure we are spraying the right amount of product in the right area at the right time.

Click here to learn more about VDCI truck spraying.


Educational Resources

Mosquito Management and Disease Education


VDCI is a company built on the foundations of public health, ethics, professionalism, and technical expertise. We establish vector management programs that are based on an understanding of the underlying vector’s ecology and rooted in the current science of environmentally sound control measures. To learn more about VDCI services, gain greater insight on the various mosquito species as well as the potential diseases they vector, please subscribe to our blog.

We are committed to protecting public health through excellence in vector management and we are proud to serve your community!