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Your Free Informative Guide: 6 Must-Ask Questions When Implementing an IMM in Your Community

6 Must-Ask Questions When Implementing an Integrated Mosquito Management Program in Your Community

VDCI_Mosquito_Mgmt_White_Paper - 6 questions when implementing an intergrated mosquito management plan_Page_01Mosquitoes are both a nuisance and a danger to our communities. As urban development, chaotic weather events, and abnormal temperatures continue to increase, so do mosquito populations, which thrive in wet, warm climates. By better understanding local mosquito species, it’s possible to design comprehensive plans that minimize agitation and significantly reduce the more serious risk of disease transmission.

An Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) plan is the most effective solution for mosquito problems. IMM programs leverage advanced surveillance, identification, testing, and product applications to eliminate nuisance populations and prevent further spread. 

Find out the 6 questions to ask when considering the future of your mosquito control efforts!

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